Sunday, April 10, 2016

Of Motivation X and Determination: March-ON

have been wanting to write

yet it has been a busy season

well not really that busy

since other posts were appearing

alright stop finding excuses for

your procrastination


it has been a fresh start

i didn’t expect March to be hectic

as back in March 2015

it felt like a looooong trough

and i was even thinking of giving up

full time freelancing for real


there were a couple of new records

being recorded this March


i worked for the very first time in flight

no joke were typing throughout the journey


with the exception of a break for a

Nasi Dagang for dinner

travelled two hours home and

back in the position to continue on

all the way until 2 am


the next day i was KO-ed so badly that

i missed an 11-AM email by one hour

there went my 200+ USD

it hurt, it almost did yet i was too tired that

the sorrow was short-lived


then it went on smooth sailing

in fact during the day i flied

i did inform another client that

i would be away for the entire day

yet i didn’t follow up when

i was back and since he wasn’t sure

he passed the work to another freelancer


well..ten days later

the work bounced back to me

on the Easter weekend

where i was expecting to chill

saying that the person had MIA-ed


and he would like to

re-assign the work to me

ten days have been lost and hence

i was faced with a really really tight deadline

which i managed to beat in the end


and during the process

i kinda understand why the person MIA-ed

facing over 10 thousand words of

banking terms and conditions

well those that i will never be bothered

to read until i have to translate them

not to mention the alignment issue

which almost caused me my laptop

if i would have flipped it over

and smashed it on the floor


and by the time i finished it

i have not seriously talked to my boy

for almost a week and

our communication broke down

into a very serious fight

but thank goodness it was salvaged


so March was indeed

such a roller coaster ride

begin with a post-island vacation slowness

then with a week of family vacation

some rush work during the journey back home

and end the month with some work of

triple challenges in terms of

  • quantity
  • deadline
  • content


yet time management was

i would say well managed as

i didn’t spend a single night

burning the midnight’s oil

i would rather stick to the 9-6 schedule

with the maximum of 1-2 hour OT


my boy was shocked when

i told him that i was heading to H&M

after my working hour

he was like what working hour


well of course i do have my working hour

and i am trying my best to align it

as you can see


speaking of

motivation and determination

at times i would indulge myself in

a short break of work-free hours

then i come back more motivated to work

especially if i have spent outside


and as for determination

facing with a triple trouble

  • quantity
  • deadline
  • content


i would split it up into

a proper daily time

instead of a big chunk

so that it doesn’t look as daunting


and trust me

getting started is the toughest part

yet once you are doing

and as long as you keep going

you are actually moving gradually

closer and faster towards the end


in fact i am writing this in the middle of

another really challenging project

well thank goodness it is a

double troubles this time round

instead of triple


the good news is

i have get myself started

difficult as it seemed

on a SUNDAY morning!!


1/3 of April is gone

by the time i finish this project

2/3 of April is approaching

and soon it’s May and

i am ready to fly again


well that’s how i keep myself motivated

for the time being and

the determination of course

would be partially driven by the

monetary reward in return

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