Thursday, April 7, 2016

Navy X Brady: Simply Simplicity

i ordered it on FJALLRAVEN KANKEN site

approximately two weeks ago

on March 24 and got the parcel today

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


58.00 GBP – VAT

48.33 GBP – 15% + free shipping

= 41.08 GBP / 60+ USD


the only problem was

there’s no display of actual models

using the bag and i have to google for this

most of the images were from Japanese sites

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon


i mean yeah for a plain bag like that

some would say that’s too much

but that’s the exact problem


i have been facing while

trying to look for a replacement for

my current everyday sling bag

something really really simple


by the way

i am ready to replace it now

but i feel a little heavy hearted though

have been with me for almost 2 years

for at least five overseas trips

adidas Originals envelope sling bag


the parcel came like this

via normal postage

whenever i saw the Royal Mail sign

i am instantly reminded of Postman Pat

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


and i was asking my dad if

he opened the parcel

because usually he doesn’t

so obviously the Custom Office

opened it up for a check and

they just left it as it was

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


okay the bag must be that ugly that

nobody even wanted to take it

but for me it’s just fine

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


the details (if any)

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navyBrady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


the tag is really really

that old school

Brady Bag of England - Brady Avon navy


the best coincidence which

has ever happened to me all my life


one day after I ordered the bag

i decided to added my long lost BFF

onto my contact book and

dropped him a whatsapp text

as i have been failing to get him

via Facebook Message


so he did reply and he started talking

and i was dumbfounded when

he gave me this 15,000 km away surprise

that he actually got me this for

my 17th birthday coming


Fjallraven Number 21 Backpack Navy


of that color?

of that little fox logo?

but he got it in store instead of online

it was so freaking touching

how on earth is this happening?

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