Friday, February 13, 2015

Fri X 13th: Rebecca (1940)

Rebecca 1940

came across this film on The Culture Trip

The 10 Best White-and-Black Movies In The History Of Cinema


and lucky enough to find

the complete movie on YouTube as it is

out of the ten movies

it was last in the list

along with my favourite 《Psycho》


somehow the whole movie was

overshadowed by the dead woman that

her successor as Mrs. De Winter


that poor girl who was here

since scene one

her name was never mentioned in the movie


elements of suspense, thriller, pscyho

as always are part and parcel of

Alfred Hitchcock’s


and unlike some modern thriller

which reveal some ridiculous reason

behind it all


movies of the era always

go back to human nature as

the source of all crimes


simple plain logic yet grabbing

as emotions and passion are

well portrayed


small cast, yes

simple setting, yes

black & white, yes


yet the story and people look so real that

you wouldn’t know

where it gonna lead you to


Rebecca (1940)

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