Saturday, February 28, 2015

Finally X Bye to Misery: A New Lappy

about 3 weeks

with my new hp laptop


nothing to be excited about

the old one was almost killing me

or was it the other way round

I killed him  


at first the charger was spoilt

so I replaced a new charger

then the Wi-Fi wasn’t working

so I bought a USB Wi-Fi adapter

thinking everything was solved


then the LCD screen was dead

nothing can be done

the screen was just dead

pitch dark no nothing


and everything happened

within a month

at the very first month

I was going freelance on

full time basis

I know right, what a luck


probably should be dead

some time ago

because there was this crack

at the side which got

larger and larger

after a great fall

some years ago


you can basically see

what’s in there

at the LCD screen


so I have to get a new one

I didn’t even get it from

a computer store

just a home appliance store will do

the one I am used to


I think the Law of Diminishing Marginal Utility

pretty much applies here

you get less excitement

when you get a second tablet

same here for the

second and third laptop


it’s for working purpose

it’s a replacement so that

my work wouldn’t be interrupted


the only concern is of course

the data in my old dead laptop

the photos especially


this was my very first time to

dissemble a hard disk

I have never even owned

a external hard disk  


bought an enclosure and

there you go

everything in there is intact


thank goodness

it works


so this is Window 8.1

I hate the Start screen

despite it being blue


like it’s too casual to be true

my Window is for working purpose

give me back my proper Start Menu


so the first thing I did with my new

Window 8.1 laptop is to download

Classic Shell


a tiny plug-in to make your

Window 8 to run Start Menu in the

good old classic way


therefore after 3 weeks into

using Window 8.1

I can’t tell its major differences

from Window 7

since I refused to switch


by the way

one major problem

I found with my new lappy is

the Menu a.k.a. Application key is missing


I don’t know about others

the Menu key which stays between

the right alt and ctrl keys


I used it quite often

as the right click alternative

for the display of menus


and now they are telling me

the alternative to Menu key is

left shift + f10



then perhaps

I will stick to right click

on the mouse instead 


one thing stays

from Window XP to Window 7 to 8.1

I have been using this wallpaper since forever



I know it’s kinda messy

but when I switched to an all plain wallpaper

I found my eyes did not know

where to look for file because

it’s too clean


these three-eyes buddies

you shall come along

no matter where I go


end of the days of being worried

my lappy screen may collapse anytime

it needs to be supported with a bottle or something

it has to be flip-closed with great care

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