Thursday, May 9, 2013

Spongie Box X Kitty Toy: Grumpy Meal

Saw the spongie sport series

It was pretty cute

Spotted the Squidward

With all the tentacles occupied with rackets

Spongebob x McDonalds Sport series

Spongebob x McDonalds Sport series


Although they did not launch

The whole 16 of them


Tried my luck today

Looked like I was a little late

They changed the toys every Thurs


And looked what have I got

Hello Kitty Loves Dancing


That makes two sets of Kitty

Were being featured at McDonald's right now

Hello Kitty Happy meal 2013

McDonaldland Hello Kitty Collectors Set


And saw it with my own eye

How people swept the plush

Like buying more than five



The grumpy SpongeBox

Exactly described my feeling

It's alright

At least I got the box

As a consolation

Spongebob It's the best day ever

Spongebob Sandy: Yee Haw


When are they bringing Snoopy back

When are they brining something like

Super Mario with Yoshi

Astro boy

Flintstone and Bamm Bamm

You wish

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