Sunday, May 12, 2013

After Delays X Loads to Say: Marketing Survey

The previous marketing survey with Cheryl
Was at least three months back
Was is in January?

Have a couple of KIV items
Including a Oscar The Grouch tote bag
And a couple of dresses
But nothing much tempted me nowadays
I don't know why
Too anti social to need that much clothes

Ended up buying a card holder
I hate the pain of losing travel card
Loaded with credit
Panics while ransacking train ticket
Got the wrong bus ticket just before boarding then ended up buying a new one
And so much more

And the pencil case
I don't know
The look of it just made me grinned
Something from childhood
Now the look of Wrigley Spearmint
Is more sophisticated

Got a surprise belated birthday gift from Cheryl
And it really looked like the piece I bought
Before I "extracted" the sleeve
Thanks a lot

We actually forgot to take photo together

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