Thursday, May 9, 2013

Favoritism X Patriotism: LinDanity

How much I dislike Lee Chong Wei

Main factor was the influence of my dad

Twice during Olympics

I was cheering for China

although 90% of the posts on FB

Is about LCW


In fact in every single game

Since day 1

We are cheering for China

But refrained from posting or saying something


I couldn't bear his full page ads

I couldn't bear his interview

I couldn't bear the cover of his biography

I couldn't bear the nick of world #1


Haha but he didn't swipe clean all the titles, did he?

I couldn't even bear looking at people

that bear a resemblance to his face

Goodness and there are a few of them


Or rather, we just couldn't

I was heavily mind poisoned

Since young



put it this way

It sounds offending

If I were to say that

I hate LCW (to the max)


Turn it around

I would say that

I Love Danny Lin to the max


That nickname was given by Eddie

When he posted an Instagram photo

During London Olympics game

Lin Dan Vs LCW


I adored Danny since way before

During my 15 years old

PE assignment

They called if folio back then

He was my features sport idol

My dad still keep that little stack of work


I have to dig


Oh seriously

How could you resist

He could be the Becky of Asia

No he is even better with his voice

That sounds so masculine

You will know what I mean if

You have heard Becky


and look at his opponent

Oh please..

But the opponent has got a son already

With such an ambitious name

(no I didn't intend to read the news

But it has made it to the cover page)


Danny must work harder in this case

And their sons will repeat the history

Fight the battle that their dads have fought

Twenty years down the road


And it's not too much to say that

Supporting Lin Dan is part and parcel of

My patriotism towards my "grandfather"land because

He is from the Fujian province too

That gives me 101 valid reasons to

Support Lin Dan instead of that

You know who



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