Sunday, July 1, 2018

Can’t Wait to End: June-on

the month ended bad

generally bad throughout the month

on top of a seriously painful incident

not forgetting the earlier frustrating case

2018/06/19: Frustrated, Max!


was concentrating on a task

like seriously I was

and was sent a “small” file for quotation


i actually took the trouble to

highlight whatever segments

which required translation and

quoted accordingly


it was a “small” file so

i actually didn’t start as

i was juggling with some other tasks

until the person asked about the progress


given the price quoted

i estimated that i will take

30 minutes the max


then something didn’t feel right

looked like there were some segments

i overlooked and didn’t highlight


i am usually quite okay for that

if there were only a few

then i realized that

the file was way bigger than imagined


what the fuck was i doing then

i did look through the file

and what the fuck happened


so i quoted a higher price

of course with disapproval

and an 1 hour extension

since apparently

i won’t able to finish on time


it took me more than 4 hours

to finish a 50 bucks task

working non-stop

almost feeling the numb

on my fingers


i had doubt of course

malicious ignorance

also known as “malignorance”

about whether the other party

and the end party have in mind

about the length of the file


then again

no-one else but myself to be blamed

as i was the one who provided

the quotation in the first place


and due to the delay

i was forced to work until

1 AM on a Friday evening

just to finish other tasks

which happened to due

on the same day


that kind of FML feeling

like never before


when i am (almost) always

dealing with some

frustrating cases on a Friday

while others are happily

enjoying their TGIF mood


and this month recorded

the lowest sales in 18 months

i have imagined the worse


it was a long but not really fruitful month

and when something better

finally came in

i actually messed them up

by missing email or

giving the wrong quotation



2 new work-places unlocked this month

(1) Chinese courtyard, Lijiang

haha this was when i missed the email

because my phone was charging in the room

Lijiang Old City


(2) Rooftop with mountain-

partial-lake-view plus sunrise, Dali

in fact, it was my final day in Dali

kinda regretted that i didn’t come up earlier

Dali Old City


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