Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Figure Can’t Lie X Yet Perfectly Fine: Crawling Through July

suddenly realized that

I still owe myself a summary for July

when half of the month is gone

i supposed that wasn’t good


it has been a low season

literally the lowest since

the year started


you know

back to the days

checking sales figure all the time

hoping it will kinda creep through

the minimum “wage”


yet it wasn’t really frustrating

as well..

you can’t really annoy

one who is madly in love


thank goodness

i wasn’t really busy

during our staycation


it feel kinda nice

being fed with food and water

while you are busy working

and see him falling asleep quietly


as i had extended the staycation

definitely unplanned

from three to five days

two days were spent

doing work at the sofa of

my cousin’s house at level 23


being home alone

one can get really bored

hi turtle.. i mean you are a tortoise



can’t really recall what has taken place

probably because i had written

half of it in the post for June

Mid-Year Plateau X Then a Sudden Trough: Ju-on


the really bad day of

sickness – troublesome – network error

along with a few other deadlines

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