Friday, July 31, 2015

Trials X Tribulations: JULYrisdiction

have been wanting to post something like

  • life as a freelancer
  • starting off as a freelancer
  • myth about freelancer
  • pros and cons about freelancing


or something of that sort

yet I am not even sure

how long I gonna last as one


6 months trial

should be fine to confirm

yet during the 7th month

was heavily stricken by this trough


survived June

while taking my very first

one-week break as a freelancer

nevertheless carrying laptop along


heaved a sign of relief

minimum target hit by

2/3 of June


then during the final week of June

the scariest period

came without warning


3 weeks out of jobs

like seriously less than

USD 100 every week


you know right from the start that

the process is never easy

from liaising with client to

completion of a task

to securing payment

even if it comes to a simple task

which is not even paying you that much anyway


yet nothing ever came as bad

3 weeks without hearing from major clients

half negotiated tasks were never confirmed

even the part-time job as an evaluator 

didn’t have much task to offer


felt like an unemployed for real and

wondering if I should think twice and

get myself back into the job market

as the longer I hesitate

the more difficult it is for me to decide


the long wait was over

until the second half of the month

suddenly getting constant flow of jobs

new clients 1, 2, 3..


working on public holidays

working on weekends

waking up at 6 (in rare cases)

sleeping at 12 (in rare cases)


a total opposite from

the first half of the month


oh yeah

the good thing about this month is

I managed to hit the minimum target

without much tasks

from a major client

whom I heavily rely on as my main source


there come Aug

reset the income column to zero again

that’s one of the most

awkward scene I face as a freelancer


you will never know

who knows

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