Tuesday, November 1, 2016

Accessing Gmail in China

of course there are some

paid options such as

VPN, pocket Wi-Fi, roaming


free options are available too


forwarding your mail to Outlook

linking your mail to Outlook


I did both and found different results

- setting up Gmail forwarding to Outlook

- linking Gmail account to Outlook on desktop site

- linking Gmail account to Outlook on Outlook app

Fwd/Link via PC/App Outlook Website Outlook Mobile App
Forwarding to Outlook Works fine
Slight delay
May land in junk mail
Works fine
Slight delay
May land in junk mail
Setting up / Linking Gmail to Outlook Didn’t work at all Works the best


so basically I am relying on

Outlook mobile app for notification

and viewing in mobile app is clearer as

it sorts out your important and mass-sending mails


at the same time,

notification from Gmail app will come in

despite not being able to access the content


while waiting for the file

to be reflected on Outlook.live.com

so that I can access and work on the file


Sending emails, make sure that

  • It’s directed to the right recipient
  • It’s replied under Gmail account
  • It’s sent, instead of being a draft
  • Large attachment is successfully attached
  • Or a more stable way is to upload to OneDrive

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